• James G.

Midnight Gospel feels like a Glitch in the Matrix

Midnight Gospel was so good it was weird. I related to Clancy way too hard. He's an adult wanting to find peace struggling with anger issues and unintentionally putting stress on the only relationships that are actually important to him, all while attempting to become an independent content creator who is slowly realizing how to get out of his own way. By the end of the show Clancy has had genuinely vulnerable conversation with strangers and loved ones where all parties involved reflect on their entire lives from an observer's point of view and at times, they even attribute past psychedelic experiences to being able to find new perspective on their own perceptions of reality.

The similarities between this fictional character's ridiculously "unrealistic" life and my own reality were so uncanny I legitimately had suspicions of the possibility of me being in like a Jim Carey Truman Show type scenario. But this fact alone was so humbling because it made me aware once again that I am probably one of many people who might feel like this right now. The message behind Midnight gospel is resonating on such a high frequency I honestly get a sense of relief knowing there are people creating content like this and getting it placed on global platforms.

10 out of 10.

Go watch the show if you haven't. The show is 8 episodes. The first 7 episodes are 20 minutes and the last one is 36 minutes. Let me know how you felt about Midnight Gospel. I'm not the only one who saw the show as like an analysis of modern society right? What stands out to you about this show?

Have a solid day and stay hydrated.

Mad Love,

James G.

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